Star Trek Spectre of the G** T-shirt

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"Nothing but ghosts of reality." We love Star Trek. This ST-inspired unisex t-shirt honors "Spectre of the Gun," the episode in which Captain Kirk and crew are trapped in 1881 to face Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. A true classic that paints a hopeful picture of future humans who've overcome their tendencies for violence. Great for fans of TOS. (That stands for "the original series," non-nerds!)

Star Trek Spectre of the Gun Vintage T-Shirt


Part of newly announced Galaxy Series, the Spectre of the Gun t-shirt has that vintage taste that we love so much. It's made of a soft cotton and features a stylish print in either Melkotian magenta, or a very faded Vulcan green. (That's logical, right?) Each print is slightly different, so each one is truly unique. There are no paper tags, but a printed label tag inside the neck instead.

Star Trek Spectre of the Gun Vintage T-Shirt

Please note: prints and colors may vary slightly from what is shown. Slight shrinkage may occur with heat drying.