Scream of Fear Movie Art Print

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Penny grows suspicious after having terrifying encounters on the estate. Is her father dead or alive? Check out our full synopsis on the movie, "Scream of Fear" starring Susan Strasberg and Christopher Lee.

This art print pays homage to the 1961 film, "Scream of Fear" starring Susan Strasberg. This limited edition print is manually silk screened, so each one is truly one of a kind. It's printed in various colors and sizes (see photo images for specifications), on off-white 180lb archival illustration paper. The stock has a nice thickness, and is slightly textured. It comes without varnish or sealant, so keep away from UV light and moisture to prevent fading. Makes an awesome framed art print or casual wall display. Please read options before ordering. 

Please note: Size, prints and colors are approximate and may vary slightly from what is shown.