Better Call Saul Squat Cobbler Diner Tee

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Our Route 66 Better Call Saul Squat Cobbler Diner Tee ships to you from the land of Saul Goodman – Albuquerque, New Mexico. LWYR UP!

If you loved the interrogation scene in the episode, "Cobbler," (Ep. 202), the Better Call Saul Squat Cobbler Diner Tee is for you. Designed in Route 66 diner style, this  print is on the darker side -- satisfying the discerning onlooker who'll appreciate the reference, but toning it down for prying eyes that just won't get it. Pick up this Royale with Tees™ original* today!

Limited stock available - Plum/Apple on Black! Sale ends April 30.


  • Actual design slightly different than picture.
  • Soft, 100% Cotton (Black)
  • Unisex
  • Tear-away or Printed neck tag
  • FREE Shipping (US only)

Please note: prints and colors may vary slightly from what is shown. Slight shrinkage may occur with heat drying. *This product is not endorsed or associated in any way with the TV production of Better Call Saul.

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