About Royale with Tees™

Our Story
Royale with Tees™ and Royale™ is an original brand founded in California. Our founder, Phil Royale, spent much of his life as a creative, traveler and entrepreneur. As Phil lost a number of loved ones over the years, he used writing and visual design as an outlet to keep his memories of them alive. One of those memories was of a famous hotel and bar called the Cockatoo Inn, which he visited with his late brother and mother. After the warm recollection manifested into a shirt design, it felt only natural to explore further. While Royale with Tees™ has been around for many years in some form, this t-shirt was the catalyst to launching an official online shop.

Our Tees
All of our tees are hand pressed and packaged in-house – we don't use fulfillment services like many t-shirt sites do. We just love doing it ourselves. They're born from the crevices of our creativity, current social consciousness, and sometimes even fond childhood memories. They certainly won't have mass appeal. And a heads up – our tees typically won't be available in large quantities, unless pre-ordered, or made custom through our 1-Color Corporate t-shirt program.

With over 100 original designs, we started releasing a limited number of them in Q4 2017. To find out about new tees, discount codes and giveaways, follow @royalewithtees on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

For questions or support, DM us @royalewithtees.

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