Gould Cinemas San Jose Vintage Tee

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Gould Cinemas San Jose Vintage Tee. Remember the sticky floors, loud kids running around, and 99-cent double features? Then you remember Gould Cinemas! Recently updated Series 2 Gould Cinemas tee has a brighter print, updated design and improved neck tag! (Series 1 is sold out.)

The Gould Cinemas San Jose Vintage Tee is heathered with a distressed-style print, which gives it that vintage taste that we love so much. It's made of a soft cotton/poly blend and features a vintage styled print in yellow. Each print is slightly different, so each one is truly unique. Comes with Royale™ printed neck tag.

Gould Cinemas San Jose Vintage T-shirt

Please note: prints and colors may vary slightly from what is shown. Slight shrinkage may occur with heat drying.


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