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Who doesn't love a good binge watch? Netflix and Amazon stepped it up this year with tons of original content. Here are the Top 10 Shows we binge watched in 2017. We'll try to limit the spoilers. 10. The Keepers This murder-mini-docu-series from Netflix evoked a similar emotional tone as the highly popular Making a Murderer series did a few years ago. It asks the question, who killed Sister Cathy Cesnik, but gives more answers than we wanted. Our Reaction: Like many, the accounts of graphic sexual abuse angered us the most, with the predictable Church cover-up decades later just...

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With the premier of Stranger Things Season 2 yesterday, we collectively tuned in for our annual time trip back to the 1980s. Like many, we played the game of "remember that?" – trying to name as many 80s references as we could. In the premier, we couldn't help notice the Duffer Brothers looked to one particular sitcom for inspiration – My Two Dads. Since the beginning we've always felt a similarity between Stranger Things' Nancy and My Two Dads' Nicole. (It's probably to do with that melancholy 80s frizz.) And this season, wardrobe really brought out My Two Dads' Judge...

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