Revisiting the Cockatoo Inn in 2019

Revisiting the Cockatoo Inn in 2019

Being that the Cockatoo Inn vintage tee was the one that started it all, we thought we'd revisit it this week.

If you've never heard of the Cockatoo Inn, here's a brief recap of its sordid and magnificent history. It was run by a mobster, had rumored to be where JFK rendezvoused with Marilyn Monroe, and where a US defense contractor was arrested trying to sell secrets to the Russians. In the mid-1990s, it was used to impress Samuel L. Jackson's character in the Quentin Tarantino film, "Jackie Brown":


Our founder, Phil Royale, recounts his first trip to the Cockatoo Inn:

"In the 80s, my brother was a defense contractor for Lockheed. He took me to the Cockatoo, presumably because it had a bit of notoriety. As a kid, all I noticed was its amazing breakfast spread, which for a picky eater like me, was unique. My mother and brother laughed at how much I ate. When both of them passed away recently, I decided to make a tee that paid tribute to that warm memory."

The original Cockatoo Inn tee design sold out in limited quantities, and the Series 2 tee was updated this year with an orange and white 2-color print:

Luckily, we'll always have Jackie Brown whenever we want to stop by. Additional information is available on the official Cockatoo Inn website.



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