New Tee: Better Call Saul Bass

New Tee: Better Call Saul Bass

For all our graphic designers and film buffs out there, we remember Saul Bass, who died 22 years ago today. The way that he translated two dimensional graphic design sensibilities into a typographic trailer, with full video and sound, was groundbreaking. The way he used motion and scale in his typography elevated titles to an art.

He impressed Hitchcock and produced titles for Psycho, North by Northwest, and Vertigo. West Side Story, Spartacus, Anatomy of a Murder, War of the Roses, and Big were also Saul Bass creations. He even won an Oscar in 1969 for best documentary short.

The 1990s saw a revival as he worked on some of Martin Scorcese's best known pictures: Goodfellas, Casino, and Cape Fear.

Design wise, he was simply the Saul you'd Better Call. View in shop:

Better Call Saul Bass Graphic Design Tee


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